How to register at Jackpot City?

Step into the dynamic universe of Jackpot City Casino, where the thrill of possibilities converges to craft an unparalleled gaming adventure. As you enter our digital domain, get ready to immerse yourself in an expedition brimming with exhilarating games, bountiful promotions, and the chance to hit impressive jackpots.

Start the registration process

Step 1: Sign Up

Access the Jackpot City Casino through either its desktop or mobile website version. With its sleek and contemporary design, the website captivates with its visual allure and user-friendly interface. Experience smooth navigation and rapid loading times that guarantee effortless exploration for all visitors. Initiating the registration procedure is as easy as a single click on the "Sign Up" button. This pivotal button can be located either at the top right corner or centrally on the Homepage. The choice is yours, and both options pave the way to a captivating gaming journey.


Step 2: Fill in your personal information 

Continuing the registration process, the next step requires you to provide information regarding your country and state or region. Taking care to accurately input these details, proceed confidently knowing that you're shaping an account tailored to your specific location. Once you've verified the accuracy of this information, simply click the "Next" button to seamlessly advance to the next phase.

Following the regional details, the next step involves inputting essential information, including your preferred username, secure password, email address, and contact phone number. Each detail plays a crucial role in personalizing your account and ensuring a secure and seamless experience. By providing accurate and reliable information in these fields, you're establishing a strong foundation for your account's functionality and security.

Continuing onward, the subsequent step will lead you to the Personal Information section. In this segment, it's imperative to meticulously input your first and last name, date of birth, gender, preferred language, chosen currency, and billing address with precision. Once these details are accurately entered, please proceed to confirm your age, a necessary step to ensure eligibility.

For those interested in receiving a welcome bonus and staying informed about promotional offers through SMS, phone calls, and email, the option to check the relevant boxes is available.

With all the information in place and decisions made, the final action is to confidently click on the "Register" button. This decisive click solidifies the completion of the registration process, officially marking your entrance into the world of Jackpot City Casino.

Step 4: KYC 

As a precaution against fraudulent activities, money laundering, and the involvement of minors, online casinos employ the "Know Your Customer" (KYC) method. This stringent procedure serves to authenticate the legitimacy of customers. Moreover, it adheres to regulatory mandates in numerous jurisdictions.

To fulfill the KYC process, you're required to register and furnish fundamental personal details. Subsequently, you'll need to provide copies of a valid identification document, proof of address, and your chosen payment method. These documents will then undergo thorough verification by the casino's dedicated team.

Once your documents have been successfully validated, your account will be officially confirmed. This multi-step process reinforces the casino's commitment to ensuring a secure and transparent gaming environment for all players.


Password recovery process

What should I do if I forget my password? It can be a terrible feeling, but there's no need to worry. You can easily recover your password. When you Log in, you have the option “Forgot Password”. When you click it and enter your email you will receive instructions on how to recover your password.

Login and Claim your Welcome Bonus

Once you've logged into your account, the next step involves clicking on the "Deposit Now" button. This action presents you with the opportunity to claim your Welcome bonus, a generous offer that matches your deposit by 100%, extending up to a maximum of $1600.

  1. Deposit 1: 100% Match Bonus up to 400€
    Make a first deposit and JackpotCity will double it with a bonus of up to 400€.
  2. Deposit 2: 100% Match Bonus up to 400€
    Get more playtime with a second match bonus, also up to a maximum amount of 400€.
  3. Deposit 3: 100% Match Bonus up to 400€
    Yet another match offer is available with a third deposit.
  4. Deposit 4: 100% Match Bonus up to 400€
    Do it all again with another 100% match offer with a fourth deposit.

By initiating this process, you're not only funding your account but also maximizing your playing potential with the added bonus funds. This feature underscores Jackpot City Casino's commitment to enhancing your gaming experience from the moment you start.