Why do online casinos ask the players for ID?

Why do online casinos ask the players for ID?

If you are wondering about the verification process for online casinos, you are at the right place. Together we will reply to all your questions about KYC specificity and why the websites need to follow its rules. We understand that it might be inconvenient and even difficult to trust an online platform with their casino ID check, but we will try to explain why it's so important and how beneficial it is for you.

The reality is that there is a reason for implementing casino id requirements. They are required by the government and gambling authorities, and it's a sign of most licensed casinos. So, don't worry; it's a legit process. The essential thing here is to provide your data only to licensed platforms that keep your details safe.

KYC or "Know Your Customer"


Now, let's analyze the terminology. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, an obligatory requirement for any financial institution. In the gambling world, KYC is used to identify risk factors around the players and make sure their data is up-to-date and legal. The process involves a Customer Identification Program, Customer Due Diligence and Continues Monitoring.

What is the primary purpose of KYC?
1. To prevent gambling from being a source of or associated with crime or disorder - for every financial institution, it's essential to be aware of the risk they are taking with you. They must verify your identity and assess your risk level regarding financial fraud, money laundering, crime or terrorism.
2. To ensure that all gambling practices are fair and open - the online casinos monitor your account continuously to catch any suspicious transactions. Additionally, casinos are required to verify that their games are fair by using RNG, guaranteeing that the offered games are based on chance and that the outcome can't be predicted.
3. To protect children from getting involved with gambling - by law, it's forbidden for underage players to create an account. So, you must provide sufficient evidence of your age to prove you are allowed legally to be part of the platform.

Reasons for ID requirements

The main reason is to provide legal proof of your identity and to guarantee that the person who will play is really you. As mentioned above, there are other factors as well:
1. Compliant with Anti-Money Laundering Laws - the online casinos become alert about it especially when you are depositing and withdrawing more significant amounts, or you work
in a sector that operates with considerable cash flow.
2. Prevent Minors from Entering - the platform will be punished if it allows an underage
player to deposit and withdraw money because it's illegal in every country. By asking for your ID, the casino ensures to avoid it and protect you as well.
3. Fraud Prevention - by requesting your identity, the gambling website tries to prevent
fraudulent activity and to help the authorities trace the money back to you if necessary.
4. Irresponsible Gambling - platforms nowadays have developed technologies to follow your playing style. The Know Your Customer process can be activated for several reasons: unusual account activity or transactions, changes in your professional position or even your behavior, such as betting amounts, time, days, etc. If detected, the team needs to contact you to verify it is really you who is playing and if it's voluntary. If they notice some unusual attitude or unhealthy and unreasonable behavior, they might offer to activate some restrictions on your account.
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Acceptable IDs for casinos

Nowadays, we have so many documents that we might wonder what is appropriate to provide to the online platform. Remember, some casinos might have a slightly different process, but the majority will be satisfied with the following documents:
1. Proof of ID: This could be your ID card, passport or driver's license. It's a way to connect you to a document with your data and a picture. A lot of players are wondering "Will casinos accept expired ID?" The answer is no. Make sure to provide a valid one because an expired ID will be denied, and you will need to go over the process again with an appropriate document.
2. Proof of address - This document can be required by online casinos to verify that you gave a correct address. This could be proved by a utility bill, credit card or bank statement issued in your name.
3. Proof of payment method - the websites might ask you to prove ownership of the payment method that you have chosen. This could be done by submitting part of your credit card, for example, or a screenshot of an e-wallet.

Is it safe to send my ID to an online casino?

Licensed online casinos provide secure encrypted connection, protecting your data against hacker attacks. So, trust only verified platforms and never give any information if you have doubts. But in the ocean of new online casinos, sometimes players find it challenging to find out which platforms to trust.

An excellent point to start is by checking a few online reviews and comparing the advantages and disadvantages mentioned. Here it is essential to remember that every player has their own preferences. Meaning that our opinion might differ from your desires and needs. But it's good to make an informed decision based on facts. Reading feedback from players who have already tested the website is another way to check before submitting your documents. We would advise you to check the list of payment solutions that the casino offers, as well as the titles of the software providers. This will give insight if well-known names are willing to do business with this website, making it a lot more trustworthy for you.


By now, you should know why online casinos need the verification process that includes checking your ID and other documents proving your identity. The platforms protect not only their business by doing so but keep track of your responsible gambling as well. Make sure to choose a licensed online casino like Casino Tropez Canada that you can trust, enjoy the adventure of the games, and never forget that the purpose is to have fun. Good luck gambling!

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