10 Essential casino etiquette rules you should know


10 Essential casino etiquette rules you should know

If you are a casino lover or a professional casino player, you indeed have a faint idea of the unwritten rules of the proper behaviour and appearance for a casino. But what if you are still a newcomer who wants to spend some leisure time while testing your luck and emptying your pocket?

You will be excited to learn those simple casino etiquette rules we’ve summarized for you below:

Dress to Impress

Yes, you might be judged by your clothing, especially in those quality casinos, not only in Las Vegas. Dress code rules can usually be found on the casino’s website or even posted at its entrance, and it’ll be a good idea if you get to know them in advance.

Too leisure T-shirts with flashy stamps and images, baggy clothing, Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and ball caps may undoubtedly result in you being called out of the site. Some places, like those in Monte Carlo, have even set rules on how much skin their guests are allowed to show.

Some basic directions for proper men’s and women’s casino attire exist. It’s always appealing to see a man in a dark tuxedo with a high-class tie, but in most cases, a casual open-collar shirt and a sports coat combined with simple trousers are enough.

Women are more likely to be seen in lightweight cocktail dresses or elegant ensembles. Avoid big heavy bags and get a tiny flashy purse in hand instead. High heels or boots are a good choice if you want to stick to some casino-style outfit.

We won’t forget to mention a slight difference in the dress code for days and evenings. During date time, you might be more casual but never even think of wearing flip-flops or “beachwear.” You’ll be asked to cover yourself for sure. At night, stick to a more formal look and add a finishing touch of light perfume, don’t risk heavy, stifling fragrances.

In short, the definitions for proper casino clothing may differ in different parts of the world but remember that the more elegant and straightforward dress code you stick to, the better.

Tip The Staff

Once inside a casino, the essential thing is to make sure you have something extra in your pocket for the people who work for your good time there. However, tipping the staff might have various treatments depending on country and culture; you need to know it for your chosen casino destination.

For example, Japan is ultimate when it comes to giving money to the staff– it’s an offence.

Regarding tipping, Europe is between – you are not expected to do it, but your money will be accepted with pleasure.

America is the benchmark for great treat of casino workers’ efforts to ensure a fabulous casino experience.

Moreover, in the USA, most staff members like dealers, valets, slot attendants or beverage servers earn a minimum wage and rely on tips to make a better living.

Let’s have a look at the levels of good advice

A dealer will expect from you $5 per hour or 10% of your buy-in, while casino beverage servers should get $1 per drink and $10 per night is considered an excellent treat to them. As for the ways to give the money – you can either tuck it directly in their hands or place a bet on behalf of the dealer, for example. The waitress will also accept casino chips for “thank you”.

So, be generous and always have a good gratuity for the staff. It is a guarantee for your perfect time in a casino.

Learn the Rules

Yet another big part of your casino strategy is to know how to play casino. Tons of different table games and slots exist; you will need to learn some basic rules to defend your money. Spin Casino offers an exhilarating gaming experience with a diverse array of slots and casino games. From classic fruit machines to cutting-edge video slots, players can indulge in a thrilling variety of themes and immersive gameplay.

For example, when it comes to table games, the players should be sitting around the table. This requirement exists because the ceiling cameras need to cover vividly all the cards being dealt.

There are many other tricky rules, like not touching the cards if they are dealt right on the layout or using only one of your hands to pick up your cards.

The good news is that you can always turn to your dealer or the croupier if you are not a skilled casino player. You will get a professional answer but don’t expect a detailed explanation from the “A&B” of gambling.

There are plenty of sources where you can learn and practice casino games before stepping into a real casino. As we all know, practice is the key to success in everything.

Learn The Hand Signals

Signalling with your hands is also an essential part of casino strategy. These signals differ for handheld and face-up blackjack games. Most of the carnival games use similar signs.

For example, ask for a hit by scratching the corner of your cards next to your bet and tuck them face-down under your bet if you want to stay in the game. In blackjack, the dealer will know that you want to split or double if you only place your cards face-up.

When playing face-up blackjack, use different positions and movements of your hands to show the dealer your desires. However, sometimes dealers may not be allowed to tell you how to place your hands and even worse – they may not be very familiar with blackjack’s strategies. If so, an excellent job for you will be to print out some hand position guidelines and study them before going to a casino.

To sum up, try to rely mostly on what you’ve read and learned about how to play casino and signal with your hands in table games to build a trust-worthy casino strategy.

Don’t Use Your Phone

Having your smartphone at hand is usually treated reluctantly by the casino staff, and this has its logical reasons. You may take pictures of the roulette table, and the people are playing on it, for example, or use some apps to predict the roulette ball’s next position.

Also, you will probably get a cold warning from casino security if you try shooting a video around the slot machines.

Most of the quality casinos around the world may set their own strict policies regarding cell phone use. They need to guarantee their guests’ smooth journey in the casino and yet to secure game protection.

Want to feel perfectly at ease in a casino? Then put aside your phone, even switch it off or leave it in your pocket and enjoy your device-free time there.

Don’t Get Drunk

Doubtless, having a drink or two of fine, high-quality alcohol is the perfect add-in to an exciting casino experience. But be careful, be wise and know your limits. Remember that casinos are not pubs; never go too far with alcohol consumption.

Typically, casino guests are allowed one drink at a time, and beverage serves know precisely when to offer them another. If you appear dizzy or become too friendly or aggressive with people around, this won’t remain unpunished. You will most probably be asked to leave the casino.

A simple rule – getting drunk means ending up gambling. More and more alcohol can ruin your casino experience and spoil other casino players’ good times.

Don’t Bring Your Children

The rule here is firm and strict – children are not legally allowed in casinos. If you and your wife want to enjoy gambling, leave without your kids. In Las Vegas, children can walk through the casino floor on their way to somewhere else but must not get close to the roulette table or other playing tables or play any games.

It is also well known that most countries have a so-called gambling age. Usually, it is 18 years, but there are some exceptions. In the USA and Belgium, you need to be 21 to gamble, while gambling is even higher in Greece.

Surprisingly some countries, like Portugal, stick to different gambling ages for casino gambling (25 years) and other types of gambling (18 years).

Of course, some casino locations offer places for kids near the casino floor where you can leave them and enjoy your good playing time with no worries. Nevertheless, leaving children at home when you go to a casino is the best thing to do for either of you.

Don’t Put Your Belongings On The Table

This a casino rule with no exceptions – be sure to keep your personal belongings aside from the playing table. It is well-known that ladies love to carry their lives in bulky fancy bags, but they are not for casino evenings.

Nothing that can block the clear view of the table is allowed around, lest some witty gamblers may use wallets, purses and other stuff to hide away cards and thus spoil the game.

Things are no better when it comes to drinks. Remember to use the proper places for glasses and cups and keep them from the table. Cupholders are provided all around the casino to prevent spilt drinks during playing. Casino management may close the game if any player pours a drink on the layout, ending everyone’s good time.

Don’t Sit At The Table If You Aren’t Betting

Finally comes the unwritten rule: you’d better not sit at the table if you don’t intend to bet. Just dare to go to a casino if you are ready to try some exciting experience that goes with spending money.

Peering around and hopping from roulette tables to slots might be fun but wait to see what real casino moments mean when you sit and play.

You need to bet when you go to a quality casino and inform yourself about the minimum and maximum bets for the game you choose. Set a limit of what you are ready to lose and dive bravely into the deep waters of casino life.

For the smart end of all advice, we recommend relaxing and having fun when you get out to a casino. There is no reason for stress and anxiety unless you accept losses and decide to stop on time when you win. Dress as comfortably as you like, proudly step in, listen to the staff’s directions, and don’t think it too much.

Bring your money, take your wife’s hand and…leave the kids at home!



1. Why is it important to dress appropriately when visiting a casino?

Dressing appropriately for a casino not only adheres to the establishment's dress code but also shows respect for the venue and other patrons. It can also enhance the overall experience, making it feel more special and authentic.

2. How can a beginner familiarize themselves with casino games before visiting a casino?

Beginners can familiarize themselves with casino games by playing online versions, using mobile apps, or reading books and guides about casino games. Many online platforms offer free versions of popular games, allowing players to practice without risking real money.

3. Why is it discouraged to use phones in a casino setting?

Using phones in a casino can be seen as a potential security risk. Players might use them for cheating, taking unauthorized photos, or disrupting the gaming experience for others. Casinos prioritize the integrity of their games and the privacy of their patrons.

4. What should a player do if they're unsure about a game's rules while at a casino table?

If a player is unsure about a game's rules, they should ask the dealer or croupier for clarification. Most casino staff are trained to assist and provide basic guidance to players. It's always better to ask than to make a mistake.

5. Why is it important to tip casino staff, especially in Canada?

In Canada, many casino staff members, such as dealers and servers, earn a minimum wage and rely heavily on tips for their income. Tipping is a way to show appreciation for their service and ensures they are compensated fairly for their work.

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