5 risk factors of online gambling addiction


5 risk factors of online gambling addiction

We are all used to connecting casino games with a happy mood, fun activities, smiling people, flashing lights, colours and money. While this is indeed the picture, another side is not that positive. Precisely because gambling is associated with uplifting feelings, some individuals might become addicted to what gambling brings to them. Casino games stimulate the brain in a way which is very often similar to the positive energy that we receive from a sunny day or even drugs and alcohol. There are hormones like dopamine that are activated because of playing and winning, and people get accustomed to the feeling. So, they need to play more and bet more significant amounts to achieve the same level of pleasure. It does resemble drug addiction psychology.

Each player needs to be aware of the gambling addiction symptoms related to compulsive gambling so that they can react on time. The sooner you catch any signs, the faster you can prevent your leisure time from becoming a disorder. Let's check what to pay attention to:

  • Constantly thinking of gambling - if you frequently think about betting while doing other activities, being at work or spending time with your family, it's a sign that you should take a break. Don't underestimate the power that gamble has on you.
  • Increasing deposits or bets - another common sign is the increase of your bets in online casino games. Most of the players do it to search for the uplifting feelings that gambling used to bring them with smaller amounts. So, they start risking more to have more adrenaline and dopamine.
  • Impossibility of quitting - sometimes, players realize that they need to distance themselves from the online casino but find it particularly difficult to stay away. It's essential to know beforehand how to stop gambling online. The licensed and safe casino online offers responsible gambling, resources to help you and self-restriction services.
  • Using gambling to overcome personal issues - when feeling sad, tired or nervous, people apply different strategies to overcome these emotions. Each person has their way, and as long as it works for them, it's perfectly acceptable. The wrong path would be not facing the issues but trying to sink them via alcohol, drugs or gambling. Because these activities don't help you, they avoid the problem. And the more you turn into gambling when experiencing difficult times, the more you start needing it as a resource of positive feelings.
  • Lying to family or friends because of casino games - if you catch yourself preferring the company of gambling to your own family and friends, it's time to pause your entertainment.
  • Quality of life declining because of time spent in gambling - players tend to invest a lot of time in gambling, which can cause late bedtime, pain in the back, problems with vision, lack of interest in daily activities, and falling behind with tasks at work. All this can decline the quality of your life and how you feel about your routine. If you notice this outcome, contact customer support and request assistance.
  • Depositing money meant for other activities - one of the biggest worries is money dependency. To play, you need money. Players tend to start betting money meant to pay bills and rent, buy food or other goods. This could lead to spending all your savings and starting to borrow money from friends with the hope of winning and giving it back. Remember, only play with money that you are ready to lose.

Now that you know what signs to look for about your gambling habits let's review if other characteristics could be involved, such as mental health disorders, age, gender, stress and income. Could these factors influence your addiction level?

Mental Health Disorders

Although there isn't necessarily a correlation between these conditions, statistics show that people with one addiction usually have other issues associated with substance misuse, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, depression, personality disorders and others. All of that influences the development of gambling addiction.

As we mentioned before, playing casino games brings uplifting feelings. So if you are depressed or feeling down, you are at a higher risk of increasing gambling addiction because you believe that games are taking you away from your reality, and you feel happy once again. You become dependent on the casino as your rescuer and the source of your joy. And it gets very tough to pull away from it because if you are in depression, it's hard to handle everyday life as it is, and now you struggle with one more issue to overcome. The goal is to find a safe casino online that provides the necessary resources to prevent getting to this stage.

Gambling addiction is no different than any other caused by alcohol, drugs or people. Realizing that you have a problem and catching the signs early is one of the most critical steps. Admitting yourself is the path to overcoming it. Sharing with your social circle and receiving and accepting their support it's essential for helping you along the way. And don't underestimate the help of specialists, psychologists or self-restriction services that reputable online casinos offer to all players. You can create your schedule so it's at your own pace and follows it strictly.

Gambling as an activity can't cause addiction. The dependency comes from the player, from how he sees and fights the world, from his resources and abilities to handle stress, difficult times or loneliness. Not every person who has some mental challenge will turn to gambling. As well as not each player will develop a gambling addiction over time. It's very individual and unpredictable most of the time. But we recommend that if you are experiencing some issues in your life, don't trust that playing even at a safe casino online will be helpful for you. Solve any inconveniences, and then enjoy an exciting time with some Slots or Roulette games.


Age is a very powerful factor when it comes to having gambling issues. Research shows that teenagers are four times more likely to develop gambling addiction than adults. And at the same time, when asking adults with gambling problems when they started gambling, 1 in 5 of them said it was when they were teenagers. It's clear that age has a significant influence, and the younger the player is, the easier it gets to be trapped. Teenagers don't have the skills, experience and mindset to differentiate between leisure and the evolving addiction. The legal gambling age in Canada is between 18 and 19, depending on the province. But very often, we have discovered that teenagers try their luck with their parents' IDs which is strictly prohibited. The law attempts to protect them because their soul is still fragile and not mature enough to confront the gambling world, even if they end up in a safe casino online.

Another enormous factor affecting younger audiences is social media. The easy access and constant online presence influence the mind and make it more desirable to try. Having ads on every website keeps the attention focused on gambling. The modern player can log in from everywhere in the world through their mobile phone and play all day long without interruption. The easier it gets to play, the harder it becomes to disconnect and appreciate the rest of your daily activities. Even though the internet brings a lot of advantages, there are some factors that we need to pay attention to and be cautious about.

Another important point is that young people are influenced by their friends and family. So, if someone in the social circle gambles, the chance of starting is much higher. Especially when you are surrounded by a particular activity done by your loved ones, it looks harmless and socially acceptable and grows an enormous desire.


Our data shows that any gender or age can develop a gambling addiction. But there is a higher risk for men because they appear willing to make bold moves and experience more social anxiety than women. Some players share that they feel pressure to be head of the family and more often turn to gamble for relaxation combined with a hope for a source of income. All this makes men more willing to take higher risks to bet and spend more significant amounts on casino games.

The way both genders gamble is also diverse. The Journal of Gambling Studies states that women tend to develop an addiction when they get older compared to men, who are more willing to dive more profoundly when they are younger and establish a dependency over time which gets stronger. Before compulsive gambling, women usually suffered from psychological distress or trauma. In contrast, men tend to have reported impulsivity or substance abuse.

Although there are differences between the opposite genders, there are a lot of similarities as well. And after all, addiction has the same stages, and it isn't easy to overcome for any person at any age. Don't underestimate the power of gambling, even if you didn't have any issues beforehand. The correct mindset should be to enjoy leisure time for what it is. A game is a game and nothing more; it's not a source of income, doesn't solve issues in life, nor has to be a priority over other activities. Keep that in mind, and look for support if you experience problems. Customer support of each safe casino online can assist you and point you in the right direction.

Besides gender, we should mention that some personality disadvantages could make it easier for some people to develop a gambling addiction, like impulsivity, sensation-seeking or trouble-making decisions, goals and plans. As well as being a pessimist, feeling excessive worrying, shyness, having low self-esteem, and fear could all influence you in the wrong direction.


What is gambling? Isn't it a happy and relaxing activity that brings pleasure and joy? Or at least this is what it is supposed to be, and it is for most people. The issue comes when you feel troubled or stressed and try to compensate those states with gambling. You start depositing more money, placing higher bets and needing a lot more time to play casino games to feel the adrenaline and happiness of it. Usually, people who play regularly invest more time in it when they have challenging moments with their relations, financial pressure, illness or a traumatic event. The reason is that sometimes Slots and Roulette could feel like the only option that brings you peace and escape from your issues. Our advice is never to fall into that trap, into that dependency, because it's complicated to face reality afterwards. And if you become addicted, you add one more problem to your day.

If you are feeling stress or anxiety, turn to a professional. This could be the self-regulatory services from most of the best casinos online. Ask customer support for help as soon as you develop any gambling addiction symptoms that we mentioned at the beginning of this article. Pay special attention to how you feel and the quality of your life. And choose only the best-reviewed online casino to play at.


Winning is the goal of all players; that's clear. It's an intense, emotional and happy moment, sometimes even no matter the amount. But as joyful and pleasant as it is, winning is a very misleading and powerful feeling. Most people, once they win, start experiencing a weird expectation that will happen again and again. Even though this is possible, the actual chance of winning at Slots, for example, is 50%. Casino games are based on luck and randomly generated numbers. There is no prediction. Yet, players start believing they can influence the outcome of the games. This delusion, if not controlled in time, develops a gambling addiction. When you realize that you can't affect the drawn cards or the Roullete's ball, you start enjoying the process, the sounds, the colours, the excitement, and it's easier to stop.

There are two types of players - some are attracted to casino games for the pure fun of it, while others are after the money. The most dangerous group is the desperately seeking money. When your main focus is winning, you start losing track of reality, and you continue playing until you achieve it, which might cause you to lose tons of cash. And the main issue comes when people are looking for an income to solve their financial matters in real life. When you don't have money to pay the rent and you turn to gamble, you are going in the wrong direction. It's the last place you should turn to for help while experiencing a challenging moment. There is no guarantee you will win back your investment or hit the jackpot while playing quick hit casino games - free casino Slots games, for example. Once you start depositing money that you need for other activities in your daily routine, then you need help.

Why It's Important to Know the Risk Factors

We are sure that knowledge helps everybody, and the more information you have, the quicker you can react to catching the gambling addiction symptoms. Once you are aware of them, you can act on them and prevent developing a compulsive disorder. It's good to remember that certain factors lead to an easier addiction. A larger group of adolescents will protect their friends if we speak more about it. And families will keep in mind that exposing their children to casino games it's a bad influence on their development and an opportunity to accept gambling as a regular social activity. All this doesn't aim to cross casino games as an unaccepted form of leisure but to give awareness of how people tend to evolve the fun and exciting game into a dangerous addiction.

So, if you ever notice symptoms in yourself or a close friend, take action immediately. Restrict yourself or turn to the safe casino online for help. But don't leave the issue unattended because it will get worse. Enjoy your gambling activities for what they are - games. Experience the fun and exciting tournaments, train your skills and develop your techniques for the card games like Poker. We wish you happy gambling.




1. How does the accessibility of online gambling platforms contribute to addiction?

The easy and constant access to online gambling platforms, especially through mobile devices, can contribute to addiction as it allows individuals to gamble anytime and anywhere, leading to increased frequency and duration of gambling sessions.

2. How can individuals set boundaries to prevent excessive online gambling?

Individuals can set boundaries by allocating specific times for gambling, setting strict budget limits, using self-exclusion tools provided by online casinos, and seeking support from friends or family to monitor and control their gambling habits.

3. Are there specific games or betting types that are more addictive than others in online gambling?

While all forms of gambling can be addictive, games that offer instant gratification, such as slot machines or instant-win scratch cards, can be particularly enticing as they provide immediate feedback and the potential for quick wins.

4. How can technology be used to help prevent or mitigate online gambling addiction?

Technology can offer solutions like setting automated limits on deposits or betting amounts, providing reminders or alerts about gambling durations, and using algorithms to detect and warn users about potential addictive behaviors based on their gambling patterns.

5. What role do advertisements and promotions play in online gambling addiction?

Advertisements and promotions can glamorize gambling and create an illusion of easy winnings, enticing individuals to gamble more frequently. They can also target vulnerable individuals with offers that may encourage them to spend beyond their means.

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