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The biggest casino gamble wins of all time

Every gambler dreams of the big casino win that will change his life for good, turning him into a millionaire over a single night. Although this seems like a scene from a movie for most of us, some people out there have fulfilled this dream. If you sometimes doubt that hitting the big jackpot can become a reality just like that, we have some stories proving that it can happen to anyone. Take a look at this online casino review for River Belle, as it offers the potential to win in a casino a significant jackpot. Let's dive into the lives of the biggest winners ever!

Archie Karas – Turned $50 into $40 million

The story of the poor kid from Kefalonia turning a gambling millionaire is full of twists and turns. After poverty and a challenging family situation made him leave Greece for the USA, Archie Karas started his gambling career in the backroom of a bowling alley in Portland, Oregon. Playing poker was new to him, and although he was determined to succeed, he ended up with only $50 in his pocket. This is the moment where many gamblers would give up, but for Archie Karas, it was just the beginning. He got a hold of the game and was determined to put his skills to good use. In 1992 he drove up to Las Vegas.

Luckily, he ran into a friend and managed to arrange a $10 000 loan that he quickly turned into $20 000 worth of wins. Gaining a keen eye for winning games led him to challenge some 9-ball pool betters and play with them for the next two and a half months, with the stakes going up to $40,000 per game. Coming out ahead with $1 000 000 to his name, Archie felt it was time to take on his game of choice – poker. Beating the two players got him some attention, and famous gamblers gathered to try their skills against Karas. By the time he was done with his marathon, he had won about $17 000 000. Then he settled in his favourite casino, the Horseshoe, and altered poker and craps games, winning and losing millions of dollars. His luck failed him when he started playing Baccarat – the game that made him lose the $40 000 000 he had won by 1995.

Excalibur (Las Vegas, NV): $39.7 Million

The visitors of the famous Excalibur casino in Las Vegas didn't see anything extraordinary that faithful Friday night in 2003 when the Megabucks slot machine rang, announcing the jackpot winning. Little did they know they were part of casino history by witnessing the winning of the largest slot machine jackpot won in gaming history to this day, amounting to the impressive sum of $39,713,982.25.

The winner who requested anonymity was surprised to win that much, although he purposefully chose the machine after learning earlier about the attractive jackpot from his uncle. The 25-year-old software engineer was taking advantage of his time visiting family in Vegas to follow the college basketball "March Madness" with some friends when he decided to visit the famous casino.

He remembered looking away from the machine at the time only to discover that the symbols had aligned a moment later, bringing him the win. It took $100 worth of bets to get to this point and a lot of luck. When he was asked what he intended to do with the money, the winner's first thought about his parents to whose retirement he wanted to contribute. Pretty level-headed for someone who just won the jackpot. As he managed to remain anonymous, we will never know what happened with him or the money.

Palace Station (Las Vegas, NV): $680,000 and More Than $27 Million

The following story of a big winner shows that sometimes persistence pays. For starters, the main hero is a Las Vegas local who was a frequent visitor at the Palace Station casino for 23 years. One Sunday in 1998, she was enjoying her time at her casino of choice when suddenly she won $680,000. For many players, this would be the end of the night as they would ride joyfully into the sunset with their winnings at casino. But for our heroine, this was not the case.

The 60-year-old woman continued to play until she cashed out the $27,582,539.48 jackpot of the Megabucks slot machine. The anonymous winner reportedly intended to share the jackpot with her big family consisting of three children and one grandchild. The casino's spokesperson announced that she would receive approximately $1 100 000 yearly for 25 years. Let's hope she and her family have a solid plan for enjoying the last installment in 2023.


Mirage (Las Vegas, NV): $21 Million and $4.6 Million

Elmer Sherwin was passionate about gambling since he could legally do it. In his inspirational story, hitting the $4 600 000 jackpot only 10 hours after the casino was launched was just the beginning. He knew immediately that he wanted to repeat this success, not for the money, but for glory. He immediately forfeited his anonymity and said he would continue trying on the Megabucks machine that brought him his first big win. Then he enjoyed the wealth of travelling the world with his wife.

After he returned from his travels, he continued playing at the same casino. It took 16 years for his determination to pay off, but Elmer lived to see his dream come true. The 92-year-old man hit a $21 000 000 jackpot on the same slot, proving that dreams come true. He immediately stated that he intended to try for a third win but didn't get the chance to secure one, as he passed away less than two years after the second jackpot. He managed to use the money to help Katarina hurricane victims and share it with his family, providing a worthy finale to his unique inspirational story.


Caesar, Borgata, and Tropicana Casinos (Atlantic City): $15 Million

In 2010, one person single-handedly broke Atlantic city by winning $15 000 000 at blackjack without counting the cards. His name is Don Johnson, and if you think he is exceptional now, wait until you learn all the details of his unique journey.

Johnson's job has been related to racetracks since he was a teenager, and he was 10 years into his blackjack playing days when the winning streak happened. The gambling industry was recovering from the world economic crisis, and part of the casinos' strategy was attracting High rollers. Don Johnson was among the courted players, with numerous operators contacting him personally and offering sweet deals. He was known for his strategy of betting $100 000 on a hand.

Johnson selected the casinos that made the best offers, which turned out to be Tropicana Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, and Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino. First, he spent 12 hours on the table in Tropicana, winning around $6 000 000. He proceeded to swoop $4 000 000 in Caesars in one day. Winning $5 000 000 in Borgata took him three days.

If you ask yourself how he did it, you are not the only one. The important thing to know is that card counting was dismissed as a theory. Casinos were watching Johnson closely for the typical wagering patterns and couldn't find any sign of counting. They were hoping to find a way to avoid paying the winnings, as counting the cards in forbidden, but it turns out Johnson won fair and square. Maybe we have to accept that he is an outstanding player.

Gold Coast (Las Vegas, NV): $12 Million

Many winners requested anonymity and managed to stay in the shadows, but this was not the case for John Tippin. The post office employee visited Gold Cost casino while vacationing in Las Vegas and broke the record for winning at the Megabucks slot machine. After hitting the $12 000 000 jackpot, he immediately started living like the millionaire he was by getting a limousine and starting a party.

Winning the jackpot was a lucky break for Tippin, who flew to Vegas with his wife for the weekend of the Super Bowl. He recalls intending to play on another slot machine when he randomly chose the winning one. "I realized at that moment that my life has suddenly changed," he told the reporters about the moment he won.

John Tippin went on to reflect on the way the millions changed his story in his book "I Did It: My Life After Megabucks." The book is a unique testimony of the life of an overnight millionaire describing honestly the good and the bad about this unexpected situation, accompanied by some one-of-a-kind pictures. Compared to all the anonymous winners, Tippin bravely put himself and his life in the public eye to reveal what it truly entails to all who dream of this kind of success.


Fremont (Las Vegas, NV): $8.9 Million

Since we are children, they teach us that we must ask politely if we want to receive something, but who would think this applies to casino jackpots? Well, someone did.

The 71 years old Hawaiian Amy Nishimura had an experience at Fermont casino in Las Vegas that borders on the supernatural. The 71-year-old woman was enjoying her Las Vegas vacation when a slot machine in the Fermont casino captured her interest. She said she felt the machine had life in it and remembered talking to it. After explaining to the game how much she needed to win this day and asking her for help and luck, Amy started playing.

The woman had come with less than $100 to the casino, so she was sincere when she wished the win. It could happen immediately if we were talking about a magical occurrence. In reality, the big win took three hours of playing on the machine. Still, when she hit the $8 900 000 jackpot, she had $37 left to spare. She cashed it out with her first check for $350,000 just before celebrating her birthday two days later.

As for using the money, the woman didn't have any particular ideas except wanting to pay off her house and spoil her family. She also wanted to continue going to Vegas three or four times a year. May be she fulfilled this dream, but if she managed to hit the jackpot again, we didn't hear about it.

Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort (Chester, WV): $3.7 million

On 7th June 2006, Beverly Whitten was honouring her retirement in the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester after working as a teacher for 38 years. She was sad, reckoning about her future and the life she would have without her job. Little did she know that this new chapter of her life would come with a change as significant as a million-dollar jackpot.

It took her two hours playing on the "Golden Chambers" slot machine to hit the impressive $3,718,311. The ex-teacher was so anxious about the money and how she would spend it that she got a special deal with the casino. Her winnings at casinos were to be paid monthly in $1,945 installments.

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1. How Often Do Gamblers Really Win?

It is hard to make an exact prediction of the result of the game of chance. The return-to-player rates of the most popular games suggest that you should win most of the money you bet back in the long run. The results of the individual games, however, remain random and unforeseeable.

2. How to win real casino money?

Although gambling results are entirely random, you can still adopt a strategy to manage your budget and ensure that your balance will allow you to play for as long as you can. The more time you spend in the game, the more chances you will have to win. As the stories of the biggest winners at casinos teach us, victory can come at any time.

3. How do casinos handle such large payouts, especially when someone wins a multi-million dollar jackpot?

Casinos typically have insurance policies and agreements in place to handle large payouts. Some jackpots might be paid out as annuities over several years, while others might offer a lump-sum payment option, often at a slightly reduced amount.

4. Are there any tax implications for individuals who win large sums of money at casinos?

Yes, in many countries, gambling winnings are considered taxable income. Winners might be required to pay a significant portion of their winnings in taxes. It's always advisable for jackpot winners to consult with financial advisors and tax professionals to understand their obligations.

5. How do casinos benefit from publicizing big jackpot wins?

Publicizing big jackpot wins serves as a marketing strategy for casinos. It generates excitement and attracts more players in the hope of winning big. Such publicity reinforces the idea that it's possible to win life-changing amounts, thereby encouraging more gameplay.

6. Are there any common traits or strategies among the biggest casino winners?

While luck plays a significant role, some consistent winners employ strategies, manage their bankrolls effectively, and make informed decisions. However, each game and situation is unique, and there's no guaranteed formula for success.

7. Who are some other notable casino winners besides the ones mentioned in the article?

There have been numerous notable casino winners throughout history, including Kerry Packer, Cynthia Jay-Brennan, and Mike Ashley. Each of these individuals has won significant amounts at casinos, adding to the allure and excitement of gambling.

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