The rise in popularity of iGaming in Japan


The rise in popularity of iGaming in Japan

There’s no doubt that there are just a few countries where the population has top-notch technology, and Japan is sure one of them. Considered by many as an economic giant and a hidden jewel for all online businesses, the country is slowly getting acquainted with the beauty, convenience and easiness of online casinos in Japan.

Japan has a longstanding gaming tradition, from their Nintendo games to the modern anime titles that gained worldwide popularity. The same goes for gambling, as the first records of actual bets in Japan date back to the early 7th century.

When it comes to online gambling, Japan still has a lot of room to grow and explore. For starters, Japanese ministers still haven’t legalized online gambling making the distribution of online casinos and their commercialization illegal.

However, as in any country, many international sites have managed to slip through the restrictions. They are currently available to play and download from Google Play Store, so what makes them so unique and popular?

Japan Online Gambling Market Size, 2022-2027 (in US$ Billion)

Online betting markets have been growing exponentially at unheard rates since the COVID pandemic's beginning. That’s quite understandable due to the mass isolations, which helped the Japanese gambling industry reach US$ 6.7 Billion in 2021.

That’s 40% less than experts predict for the next few years. It’s expected that the market will reach US$ 10.1 Billion by 2027, with a growth rate of 6.95% per year during 2022-2027.

Why Online Casinos Are Booming in Japan

The online gambling business is steadily growing worldwide, and Japan is no exception. The Japanese online casinos are providing enormous benefits over their traditional brick-and-mortar rivals, and you can check the main benefits below.


Every online casino in Japan has the innate benefit of being portable, reachable and convenient to use wherever and whenever. The online sites offer you the option to play while on the subway, at work or at home in your pyjamas.

Promotion Offers

Online casinos like to give back to loyal players to boost their loyalty and popularity. You’ll find many welcome bonuses, regular and temporary offers, and Halloween and Christmas-themed rewards. Even better, mobile casinos in Japan often offer specific mobile bonuses with even better terms.

A Huge Selection of Games

Microgaming and NetEnt no longer dominate the gaming world. New providers emerge weekly, bringing innovation, sleek designs, enhanced visuals and sounds, better bonus rounds, and much more. Online casinos need no physical space to keep their games, so you can easily expect more than 1000 titles per page.

TOP Payment Options

You can’t bet if you can’t deposit, right? Online casinos in Japan ensure they’ve got you covered with a selection of payment methods, including cards, transfers, e-wallets and crypto. All methods are easily accessible, process your deposits instantly and require no additional surcharge. Modern payment options like Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin will also let you have your money in a minute after withdrawing.


There’s a lot of space for the Japanese gambling market to improve. Making it legal will most certainly benefit both players and authorities and will bring in massive revenues. In the meantime, all players in Japan can enjoy land-based casinos or the few sites that are available on Google Play Store or they can enjoy the Tortuga casino's offerings, which include fantastic large welcome bonuses, a generous VIP program, and additional benefits. Just make sure you choose a reliable, safe, licensed site, and you’ll have the time of your life playing!



1. How does Japan's technological advancement contribute to the rise of iGaming in the country?

Japan's technological prowess and its population's familiarity with digital platforms make it easier for residents to adapt to and embrace online gaming. The country's infrastructure and high-speed internet also provide an optimal environment for seamless iGaming experiences.

2. Are there any traditional Japanese games that have been adapted for the online casino environment?

While the article doesn't specify, traditional Japanese games like Pachinko and Hanafuda have been adapted for online platforms, blending cultural traditions with modern iGaming technology.

3. How do cultural attitudes in Japan influence the acceptance of online gambling?

Japan has a rich history of gaming, from traditional games to modern video games. This cultural acceptance of gaming, combined with the country's technological advancements, creates a conducive environment for the acceptance of online gambling, even if it's not yet fully legalized.

4. What challenges do international online casinos face when trying to cater to the Japanese market?

International online casinos may face challenges such as language barriers, cultural nuances in gaming preferences, regulatory restrictions, and the need to offer payment methods popular in Japan. Adapting to these challenges is crucial to successfully cater to the Japanese audience.

5. How might the legalization of online gambling in Japan impact its economy?

Legalizing online gambling in Japan could lead to increased tax revenues, job creation in the tech and gaming sectors, and a boost in tourism if combined with land-based casino resorts. It would also provide a regulated environment, ensuring safer gaming experiences for residents.

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